The Indie Best Films Festival (Ibestff) was founded by a group of independent filmmakers from Santa Mónica (California) and New York City for independent filmmakers from around the world.


Everybody has a story, and we want them to share it with the world.


Our mission is to help talented film artists, who create meaningful films that are worth seeing and sharing, but lack the backing of studios, expensive marketing campaigns or famous personalities.


We are an online competition. Our mission is to recognize the talent of the filmmakers with our laurels and certificates.


Every three months, we choose selected, nominees and winners so to give more opportunity to the filmmakers and to the movies. 4 seasons per year.


At the end of the year we will have a party with a screening of the 4 winning shorts (4 Seasons) that obtain the “Best Indie Short Film” award and also the 4 winning music videos.


Every 25 of the last month of the quarter, we will announce the winners and reinitiate the season with the new one.


This year the festival starts with the second session.


This second session has no registration fee to inaugurate the festival.


The annual seasons will be:


1- January-February-March
2- April-May-June
3- July-August-September
4- October-November-December


This festival will be judged by award-winning filmmakers and industry experts.